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Please note that this is for the combined Naughty and Nice Martingale collar. If you want this collar with a buckle, please select their individual listing. If you want one that is all Nice or one that is all Naughty, please go to their individual listings and order from there!

This was our bestselling Christmas collar last year and these went F A S T!

These collars can be made in 1” and 1.5” width and have Nylon or Polypropylene Webbing inside of the fabric to ensure that they stay durable and strong.

All K and M Collar items are handmade-to-order specifically for your pet.



The Fabric Martingale collar has two loops, the larger loop going around the dogs neck and the smaller loop with the welded D ring that attaches to the leash. When your dog pulls, the small loop tightens and creates tension, allowing you to correct your dog's pulling without choking them. When your dog is walking nicely and isn’t pulling, the collar rests comfortably, without any tension. This collar option is recommended for pullers.

★ Martingale (MG) Collar Sizes:

XS - 9-12 inches

S - 11-15 inches

M - 15-21 inches

L - 18-26 inches

XL - 23-31 inches

★ How to measure for a Martingale Collar:Measure the largest part of your dog’s head and the middle of their neck. If your dog’s head is larger than their neck, you’ll need a collar that can fit comfortably over their head. If their neck is larger than their head, you’ll need a collar that fits comfortably around their neck. Choose a collar size where your measurement is in the middle of the size range. For example, if your dog’s neck is 21 inches, choose the 18-26 size that is rather than the 15-21 size.

★ K and M products should be hand washed and laid flat to air dry. Please keep in mind that the pattern placement varies. Prints are subject to change because of the way they are cut and will not be exactly like the one pictured but similar! Because each order is handmade as the orders come in, please refer to our processing time that is stated on our main page. If you need a collar sooner, shoot me a message and I can create you a “rush” option! Be sure to measure your dog accurately as we do not accept returns or exchanges.Please message me if you have any questions or do not see your size, I’d love to custom make something for you! ★

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